Who What Wear readers are serious shoppers. You’re like tell me something I don’t know, but hear me out. As a group, you are very comfortable online shopping, care about trends, but don’t let them dictate your shopping decisions, and are a stickler for value, whether at the luxury or affordable price point. And since we’re just as dedicated to the art of shopping as you are, we thought we’d take a moment to inspect the trends that are and aren’t selling well.  Actual purchases are really the ultimate test of approval, more than an Instagram like and more than an “add to cart” that then just sits there. Accordingly, we tapped our own in-house commerce strategist to see which trends readers are purchasing that we recommend on our site, which are just skating by, and which are falling flat in the sales department. Scroll down to reveal the list and see if it aligns with your current shopping habits.