French girls have perfected the art of classic, timeless style over the years, and we’ve taken every opportunity to study what makes their effortlessly chic style quite so good. After much discussion (we talk about their style a lot in case you haven’t noticed), we’ve come to the conclusion that it boils down to consistency—they constantly wear and re-wear their favorite closet staples. And there’s one piece, in particular, we’ve spotted them wearing every fall and winter in recent history, a style they’ll surely continue to wear for the foreseeable future: suede boots.

Parisians and suede boots go together in the winter just like Parisians do with espadrilles or woven bags in the summer months. In other words, they’re a staple of any French woman’s cold-weather wardrobe, as you’ll soon see ahead. Neutral shades of brown, tan, and black are their suede boot colors of choice, which they love to style with other staples like straight-leg jeans, wool coats, and crewneck sweaters. We know—suede is hardly the easiest to maintain when faced with winter’s snowy and slushy streets, but we have a few ideas about cleaning them.

Otherwise, are you ready to get inspired by how French girls are wearing suede boots? Continue on to see their winter-ready outfits with the boots and then to shop a pair for yourself.