Hear ye, hear ye—due to offensive winter weather conditions and a proactive spirit, I hereby propose a swift and immediate ban on the color black, particularly as it pertains to wearing said color head to toe. Why am I writing like a duke in Queen Elizabeth I’s court? Unsure. Why am I proposing a ban on wearing all black? Much surer on that front. Since moving to the East Coast three and a half years ago, I’ve assimilated to the city’s adoration with a head-to-toe black uniform. Many people will wax poetic about the ease and sleekness of dressing like this, and though I don’t disagree (see: exhibit A that it is), I do argue that there’s something dreadfully gloomy about a sea of cold humans shuffling around in the snow in solely black clothing. My solution (and really the only solution possible)? Wear. More. Color.

As simple as it may sound to any Los Angeles folk reading this on their sundecks (I used to be one of those, you know), cobbling together an outfit that incorporates thoughtful elements of color each and every day is not easy. After all, we New Yorkers get dressed not only for work daily but also for a variety of scenarios ranging from dinners, after-work drinks, dates, musicals, etc., but without the convenience of cars to store our junk in. In other words, it’s tough out here, and the only way to get more color in our lives is by following others’ example. Below, I’ve pulled together an edit of 10 outfits illustrating how to not wear all black this winter, and look great doing it. Steal the looks, shop the picks, thrive all season long. Let’s go.