Believe it or not, we’re almost done with 2018 and are about to embrace 2019 for all it’s worth. But before we dive into a new year of trends, products, and brands, we wanted to take the time to look back on this past year of fashion with a fine-tooth comb. While we can skim the surface and estimate which sartorial trends and brands reigned supreme, it’s best to gather all the facts, and thanks to the data-driven team at ShopStyle, we did just that.

Curious to know which shoe brands really shone this year, I asked ShopStyle to do a deep dive for me since millions of shoppers head to their site daily to search for their next fashion purchase. “To determine the “most popular” shoe brands of 2018, we looked at searches, clicks, and those most likely to result in a sale,” said the team. In true data-obsessed fashion, not only did ShopStyle come back to me with a list of the top 5 shoe brands of 2018, according to their data, but they also educated me on which shoe brands have had the highest growth YoY, and which specific products were trending the most within each brand.

Ahead, get ready for a year in review on the only shoe brands people cared about in 2018, according to data presented by ShopStyle.