If we’re being honest, planning out cute outfits for all of your holiday parties is easier said than done—especially when we’re talking about New Year’s Eve, arguably the most festive of the season. If there’s any party to go all-out for, it’s this one. Whether you’re someone who uses the occasion to wear head-to-toe sequins and glitter or you prefer a more subdued silk or velvet moment, we’re here to ensure you leave here today with your idea of a perfect New Year’s Eve ensemble.

If you’re finding yourself at a loss for what to wear or just need a little sartorial inspiration, we’ve rounded up looks from the coolest fashion girls who have party dressing down to an art. From the essential glitz and glamour of dresses to casual outfits with fancy pants, these looks will feel fresh and festive for any end-of-year party. Scroll down to shop our favorite cute outfits for New Year’s.